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Mindful artistic expression can help students reduce stress and calm their minds as they deal with remote learning, being separated from school friends and teachers, and not knowing when things will get back to normal. Zentangle® is a relaxing way to draw beautiful images with patterns.  It was created by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts and you can always go to to learn more about it. Ms. Shimabukuro, certified Zentangle® teacher, Ed.D. (CZT), is providing Zentangle® lessons for Alameda students this school year.

The reference sheets linked below, contain many of the Zentangle® patterns that will be used in the lessons. In addition to each lesson’s instructional video, students will need a fine-tipped black pen, colored markers or pencils, and the associated lesson’s PDF template.

Lesson 2 — Be Nice to Spiders

Spiders are often feared creatures of nature. Be Nice to Spiders by Margaret Bloy Graham presents an alternative perspective, demonstrating that spiders are positive for the environment. After an oral reading of this classic book, students will follow the direction of Ms. Shimabukuro and will be guided to learn Zentangle® patterns that they will mindfully draw on a spider web template.

Lesson 1 — Henri’s Scissors

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