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Got a new fundraising idea for Bay Farm School PTA?
Please contact  VP of Fundraising.

Your PTSA donations help us support so many programs for our children.

This year our Bay Farm School PTSA is trying a new Fundraiser. We hope our Read-a-Thon will become part of our ongoing culture, not only as a fundraiser but to support on-going literacy efforts. Please visit out Read-a-Thon page for more information.

It’s a simple and painless way for you to help us fundraise by shopping as you normally do at Amazon. Please Bookmark this webpage and name it as “Amazon” on your browser. For your future Amazon shopping, please click the “Amazon”button each time before you shop. Please help us cast a wider net by sharing the link with friends and family. Anyone, anywhere who uses this link, can help us raise funds for the PTA by clicking our link before they shop at Amazon.


2017 is the 25th Anniversary of our school. We have a Special Auction planned so mark your calendar: March 24th.

For more information, please contact  VP of Fundraising.

Corporate Matching

The benefit of your PTA donation can be significantly increased at no cost to you through Corporate Matching. Please Search for Corporate Matching or check with your Human Resource Department. Clicking on the link will take you to the Ohio State University Matching Gifts web site where you can check to see if your company supports a matching grant. We are using Ohio State as it has the most up-to-date database on corporate matching programs.

Special Thank You for your donations!

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