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Your financial support of the PTSA is vital. Your tax-deductible, donation funds: our award-winning garden-science program in the Outdoor Learning Center; STEM clubs and classroom curriculum; the Go Green program; art programs; Media Center and online-subscription support; field trips (off campus and in-house); teacher directed funds, kindergarten music program; disaster preparedness program; safety patrol; annual Science & Engineering Fair; family events, school assemblies & much more. If you are interested in volunteering on the fundraising committee, have a new fundraising idea, or want to know how to make a significant donation to support Bay Farm School, please contact    VP of Fundraising.


We strive keep fundraising-campaigns to a minimum. Instead, we ask families to make a tax-deductible, donation at the beginning of each school year. Although our recommended donation is $250 per student, any amount is highly appreciated and helps support the programs benefiting Bay Farm students.

$150K Donation Goal


The school has purchased Planners for students in grades 3-8 (different styles for elementary & middle school).  Teachers will be distributing these as soon as they arrive. There is a suggested donation of $5 for each planner. In addition, we invite families that are able to donate a little extra to provide planners for others.


Other Ways to Support Your PTSA

There are many other ways to help financially support Bay Farm School and every dollar raised is spent on our Bay Farm students and teachers.

Corporate Matching

The benefit of your tax-deductible, donation can be significantly increased through Corporate Matching Programs. Check with your Human Resource Department or search for your company’s name on Charity Navigator to see if your employer will match your donation.

Other Fundraisers

“STUDENT”-A-Thons: From Read-a-Thons, where students are sponsored for the number of hours they read in a week, to Walk/Run-a-Thons, where students are sponsored for the distance they travel by foot in a week, its our students (and their sponsors) who help us meet our fundraising goals!

Auction & Gala Event: A Spring Auction and Gala Event may be held on those years when the PTSA needs to raise significant funds.

Significant Financial Supporters of Bay Farm School

The many activities, interventions, programs and teacher support that make Bay Farm such a special place only happens because of annual financial donations. Every year, a few donors make significant and generous financial gifts to the PTSA. These donations help ensure that every Bay Farm student and teacher can equally benefit from the PTSA provided programs. Thank you!

Family, community members, and local businesses that provide significant financial support for Bay Farm School will be recognized here. For more information, please contact VP of Fundraising.

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Thank you Sponsors!

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