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Engaging our Community

Your PTSA membership and generous donations make it possible for our school to offer these wonderful events that benefit our children and our community as a whole. These events would not be possible without parents volunteering their time to organize, run and support them. We have an exciting line up planned and look forward to seeing you online!

This year, we’ve made extra special event stickers for students to collect. Participate in events to collect them all.

Learn to Draw Cartoons with Chris Peel

Life’s a laugh…or at least we should be able to draw it that way. Join Chris Peel as he teaches us the basics of cartoon drawing.

Date & Time – January 15th

Zoom Link – Coming Soon

Bay Farm’s Science & Engineering Fair is an opportunity for students in Kindergarten through 8th grade to showcase their discoveries, pursue scientific inquiry, and nurture possibility.

Food from Around the World

Join us on an culinary excursion celebrating the diverse, multi-cultural Bay Farm community. Where did your favorite food come from? Share the recipe and a step-by-step video of how to make your favorite dish so that everyone can enjoy! Then try other’s favorite food and experience something new.

Date & Time – March TBD

Event Link – Coming Soon

Go Green Trivia Night

Can we count you in? Join us for an evening of family fun and test your eco-knowledge during the month where we celebrate our precious Mother Earth. Students will compete using Kahoot trivia challenges with even the most eco-smart person can learn something new. Top scorers in each grade will be eligible for prizes!

Dates – April 8th – 11th

Event Link – Coming Soon

Recycle 'n' Up-cycle

Yesterday’s trash is today’s new…

Show us your creativity. What can you make with the stuff around the house. Could Dad’s old shirt become your new wristband? What about making the broken flower pot into a wind chime? Let’s see what you can do when you challenge yourself to reuse instead of tossing useless things around your house.

Dates– April 19th – 23rd

Photo Album – Coming Soon

Bay Farm's Got Talent

Zoom has made us all stars of the small screen and now everyone can know it. Upload a short video showcasing your best in “Bay Farm’s Got Talent” talent show.

Date & Time – May TBD

Event Link – Coming Soon

Race to the Finish!

The year is almost done so let’s see who can get across the finish line first. Get together with your pod-friends and family to build a moving vehicle and see how fast it can travel 3 meters. Vehicles can not be larger than 30 centimeters in length and must travel the 3 meters under their own power (no pushing). Send your best time and a video of your vehicle moving in to win the race!

Date & Time – June 4th

Registration Link – Coming Soon

Event Link – Coming Soon

Zero Waste Challenge

Can you be a ZERO-WASTE HEROChallenge yourself and your family to produce zero landfill waste between September 14th & 25th. Post your pictures on Konstella (link below) and let us know how you do.

Date – September 14th – 18th

Photo Album

Read Aloud with Ms Crawford

Everyone loves a good story so cuddle up and listen to Ms. Crawford as she reads us one of her favorites.

Date & Time – September 18th @ 7:00 pm

Walk ‘n’ roll to a different theme all week long! Bay Farm School is already registered so you don’t have to individually register. Students just have to track your walking/rolling/exercise activities on your personal “passport.” Use the links below to either

Download this pdf, track your activities, and then e-mail the pdf or a photo of the pdf to


Use this link for the online passport. You keep track of your activities for the week on the pdf or a separate sheet of paper, complete this online form at the end of the day on Friday, and hit the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

Submit your passport for a chance to win a scooter and helmet! You’ll also earn one of BayFarm’s event stickers. If you have any questions, please e-mail

Dates – October 19th – 23rd

Learn More!

Print Passport (PDF)

Online Passport

This year, Halloween will be a bit…different but the Bay Farm Community will keep it shiny! Gather your pod-friends and family to create and decorate a lantern for a the Bay Farm Lantern Contest. A panel of judges will give awards based on 1) Artistic Aesthetics, 2) Ingenuitive Illumination and 3) Creative Construction.

Make sure that your lantern is outside your house on Halloween so that the whole community can see that Bay Farm is Letting our Lights Shine!

Drive in Movie Night Featuring 'How to Train Your Dragon'

The time has changed and it is getting dark early. Let’s make the best of it and bundle the family up for an old-fashioned drive in movie! The Alameda Theatre and Cineplex is holding a special drive-in movie night exclusively for Alameda Unified School District families. This will be held at their new, permanent drive-in location at 1951 Monarch Street, Hangar #200 at Alameda Point. Tickets required and can ONLY be purchased here!

Date & Times – November 10th. Gates open @ 5:00 & the movie starts at 6:00.

1951 Monarch Street, Hangar #200 at Alameda Point

Family Paint Night with Wine & Design

Last year we had so much fun painting together we just had to figure out how to a similar event again. Well we did! Join us as Wine & Design leads us in a family-friendly paint night. There is a $5 per participant fee to take the lesson.

Date & Time – November 13th @ 7:00pm

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