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Let your Light Shine! Lantern Contest

This year, Halloween will be a bit…different but the Bay Farm Community will keep it shiny!

Gather your pod-friends and family to create and decorate a lantern for the Bay Farm Lantern Contest and Let Your Light Shine.

There is only one rule for making your lantern: NO FLYING LANTERNS. All lanterns must stay on the ground (or be carried by you)! It is illegal in the state of California to make a flying lantern. Flying lanterns (using fire/heat for lift) can potentially land before the fire burns out. This has a high risk of starting a fire and no one wants another fire. Flying lanterns (using drone technology/electric lights) may encounter height restrictions due to our proximity to the Oakland Airport. So no flying lanterns in the Bay Farm Lantern Contest.

Other than the flight restriction, you can make a lantern out of anything (paint cans, plastic spoons, paper, glass jars, etc)! And even better, you can illuminate them (make them light up) in lots of innovative ways too (glow stick goo, light bulb, electro-magnetic flashlight, etc). For an additional challenge, and because everyone is sick of smoke, try illuminating your lantern without using a flame!

Be creative! Be safe! Be responsible! Check with an adult and work with caution if using flammable materials to create your lantern.

Where can you find ideas for creating your lantern?

There are an enormous number of lantern images online (and even more in your imagination)! We’ve put together a Pinterest board (Lantern Ideas) to spark your creative juices but don’t feel that you are limited to what you see here.

What can you do with your lantern?

Creating innovative lanterns can be fun for everyone and we’d like to see what you invent. Once you have a lantern, you should…

  • enter your lantern in the Bay Farm Lantern Contest!
  • put your lantern outside your house so that the whole community can see that you are Letting your Light Shine!
  • share a picture or video of your lantern on our Kudoboard photo album!
    • All creations are welcome!
    • We’ll leave the Kudoboard open through Nov. 8th; so post your creations then come back and check out what others have done!
    • You don’t have to enter your lantern in the contest to upload your photo to our Kudoboard and, if you make more than one lantern, you can upload all your lantern designs.
    • Note: by uploading your creation to our Kudoboard, you are giving the Bay Farm PTSA permission to publicly use your photo. Make sure you check with your parent/guardian before posting.

What areas will awards be given?

Entries will be grouped by grade-level (K – 2nd; 3rd – 5th; & 6th – 8th). If students from more than one grade collaborate on their lantern, the entry should be grouped with the older student’s grade level. For example, if a brother in 2nd grade works with his older sister, who’s in 5th grade, then their entry should be placed in the 3rd – 5th grade group.

  1. Artistic Aesthetics – this award recognizes the artistic creativity of the lantern maker.
  2. Ingenuitive Illumination – this award recognizes that lanterns can be lit-up in many, many different ways.
  3. Creative Construction – this award recognizes that lanterns can be constructed out of all types of materials and in all shapes and sizes!

Students in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade are eligible to enter their lantern into the lantern contest, but you don’t have to enter a lantern in order to have fun making one! You are, however, limited to one entry per student/team.

Lantern creators should be prepared to upload a picture or video (or both!) of your lantern. The upload file size is limited to 100MB, which is approximately a 30 second video. Entries can be submitted through October 25th. Judging will occur October 27th & 28th and awards will be announced on Friday, October 30th.

Fill out the entry form and upload your lantern photo, video, or both! We look forward to seeing what you create.

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