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Safety Task Force


The mission of the BFS Safety Task Force is to critically assess the effectiveness of current administrative, procedural, and physical safety measures against existing standards and best practices; to make associated recommendations, and to provide a written report of findings to BFS leadership, BFS PTA, and AUSD. The Task Force report will serve as the basis for possible enhancements or modifications to existing safety measures and infrastructure, with the ultimate goal being increased safety, security, readiness, and resiliency in the near, medium, and long term.

Got questions, thoughts & suggestions? Please feel free to contact our Safety Task Force Chair.


A recent increase in gun violence at school sites provoked a vigorous nationwide discussion regarding the adequacy of existing school safety measures. As a result, in 2012, Ms. Freitas established the Bay Farm School Safety Task Force composed of parent volunteers. In the 2013-2014 school year, the Bay Farm PTA set aside $10,000.00 to support task force recommendations to increase security at Bay Farm School. The task force created recommendations and presented those recommendations to the Bay Farm School community, AUSD, and a state architect hired by AUSD to formally assess school sites in preparation of a facilities master plan that was ultimately presented to the Alameda Board of Education. Although the task force was not able to implement all of its recommendations, it made changes to Bay Farm School that increased safety for its community, including the addition of signage in the front of the school that improved the flow of traffic during high traffic times, and working with AUSD to add fencing and gates to the Bay Farm school property.

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