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Science and Engineering Fair

Bay Farm’s annual Science and Engineering Fair is an opportunity for students to showcase their discoveries, pursue scientific inquiry, and nurture possibility.

The following projects were awarded ribbons in the 5th Annual Science & Engineering Fair held on March 21st, 2019:

Blue ribbon: Maya Dedrick & Arlo Henrikson, What Floats Your Boat? (#97)
Red ribbon: Nicholas Gee, Go Faster Boats (#101)
White ribbon: Rowan Davidson & Emily Rozenek, Rat Race (#96)
Green ribbon: Autumn Chan & Daniel De LaTorre, Rainbow Milk (#98)

1st grade
Blue ribbon: Maahi Samant, Music to our Ears (#3)
Red ribbon: Zoey Wegerer & Kyla Luna, Flight to the Finish (#16)
White ribbon: Avery Li, What Environments Do Worms Like? (#5)
Green ribbon: Avery Dunn, Avery’s Egg-speriment (#15)

2nd  grade
Blue ribbon: Kiersten Gee & Hana Kaci, No More Wet Shoes (#22)
Red ribbon: Avery Brantley, Why are Screens More Addictive Than Reading? (#18)

3rd grade
Blue ribbon: Sienna Arroyo, Carmel Creations (#28)
Red ribbon: Kaan Goktan, Does Magnetic Force Change with Temperature? (#35)
White ribbon: Jonathan Tamir, Tensile Strength (#30)
Green ribbon: Amaya Davidson & Olivia Myovich, Is the 5 Second Rule True? (#23)

4th grade
Blue ribbon: Ava Rivera, Heat vs. Wind (#37)
Red ribbon: Sahara Rose-Koeberl, Kool-Aid (#40)
White ribbon: Devon Shimabukuro, Slime Test (#42)
Green ribbon: Samuel Phu & Samuel Berger, Growing Potatoes with Fruits & Vegetables (#45);  Anastasia Chargualaf, Can Crush (#41); and, Aryan Dayaram, Apple Browning (#38)

5th grade
Blue ribbon: Lucia Arroyo, Go Bananas (#71); and, Casey Koga-Dean & Shion Koga-Dean, Curing Crying While Cutting – How to Prevent Tears While Chopping Onions (#67)
Red ribbon: Thomas Schreiner, Perpetual Fountain (#85); Krista Mehlberg, PupStars (#68); and, Amelia Karlson & Alyssa Pineda, Shocking Fruits (#76)
White ribbon: Aelric Chin, Velocity of Cars with Slope (#82); and, Mateo Esparrago, Unsweetened Truth About a Tooth (#83)
Green ribbon: Alexa Young & Vanessa Trinh, What Paper Design (#77); and,  Matthew Hung, Feel the Force  (#70)

Middle School
Blue ribbon: Viola Warming, Don’t Judge a Leaf by It’s Color (#119)
Red ribbon: Tyler Ichihara, Ballistic Ball Bounce (#91)
White ribbon: Tarek Kaci, Solar Cell efficiency (#86)
Green ribbon: Ryan Liu, Fingerprint Fanatic (#95)

You don’t have to wait for the next Science & Engineering Fair to have fun with science! Below are some links to useful information for conducting science or engineering experiments any time of the year:

Explore science fair ideas online at Science Buddies or or check out the Science Experiment Idea books in the Bay Farm Media Center.

Click here to download the science and engineering fair info packet with helpful information on preparing a science and engineering fair project.

Click here to download a sample judges ballot.

Click here to download some tips about conducting social and behavioral science experiments.

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