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4th & 5th Grade

School garden-science lessons on this page help develop science-based, eco-literacy in 4th & 5th grade students.

November 30th - Plant Vascular System
November 16th - Root Systems

To make a monocot root cross-section diagram, you will need paper, pencil and, if you have one, a compass. Make sure your label your drawing. The internal structure of a monocot root like maize, rice, wheat etc. has the following tissue;

1. Epidermis: The epidermis or outermost layer of the root is known as rhizodermis. Root hairs in epidermis absorb water and minerals salt.

2. Cortex: The cortex lies below the epidermis. It help in conduction of water and minerals salts from root hairs to inner tissues and storage of food.

3. Endodermis: It is innermost layer of cortex and regulates flow of fluid both inward and outward.

4. Stele: It consists of pericycle and vascular tissues where pericycle lies just below the endodermis.

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