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Kindergarten & 1st Grade

OLC garden lessons on this page have been specially tailored for our youngest gardeners. Back to OLC Garden Program.

October 19 - Camouflage - Hiding right in front of you

Many things use camouflage to hide, or blend in with their background. Do you use camouflage to hide?

Think of ways to camouflage yourself.

How would you dress to stay hidden in your bedroom or living room?

How would you dress to be camouflaged outside?

What colors would you wear to stay hidden in different places?

Draw a picture of yourself camouflaged.

October 12 - Living or Not?

What makes something living or not living?

1)  Icicle:          Yes           No          7)   Coral Reef:  Yes           No

2)  Cell:            Yes           No          8)   Fire:             Yes           No

3)  River:          Yes           No          9)   Bubbles:      Yes           No

4)  Seed:          Yes           No          10) Chick:           Yes           No

5)  Cloud:         Yes           No          11)  Cars:           Yes           No

6)  Clock:         Yes           No          12) Jellyfish:        Yes           No

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