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Kindergarten & 1st Grade

School garden-science lessons on this page have been specially tailored for our youngest gardeners.

December 14th - Worms!
  • Glass Vase
  • Dirt 
  • Plants
  • Worms
  • Dead leaves
  • Sand
  • Paper Towel
  • Rubber Band 
  • Water
The first thing you will need for an earthworm terrarium is a vase or anything that is best for its surroundings. An earthworm needs moist dirt and some dead leaves so it can feed on the minerals from the leaf and soil. A plant is important to have because if the plant is growing it shows that the worm is releasing its waste to fertilize the plants roots, thereby introducing a mutualistic relationship. First, we get a vase and fill it with the dirt, sand, and worms. Now you pour the sand and dirt in layers. Worms usually come out at night and feed on dead leaves, therefore we put a couple of dead leaves and tiny twigs into the vase. We then cover the vase with our paper towel and wrap it with a rubber band. The terrarium should be in a dark space for the worms.


November 2 - Parts of a tree

Leaf rubbings are a great way of remembering the leaves you see around you! Put these leaf rubbings in your nature journal or hang your art on the wall!

You’ll need:
o Paper or your nature journal
o Crayons
o A hard surface
o Fresh leaves

October 26 - Living or Not?

October 19 - Camouflage - Hiding right in front of you

Think of ways to camouflage yourself.

How would you dress to stay hidden in your bedroom or living room?

How would you dress to be camouflaged outside?

What colors would you wear to stay hidden in different places?

Draw a picture of yourself camouflaged.

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