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Our science & engineering fair is an opportunity for students in Kindergarten through 8th grade to showcase their discoveries, pursue scientific inquiry, and nurture possibility. We look forward to seeing your projects at the Bay Farm’s annual Science & Engineering Fair on February 8th, 2021.

Bay Farm Robotics Teams

Being a member of Bay Farm’s Robotics Teams challenges students to learn critical thinking skills, problem solving, teamwork, time management, and provides a gateway into growing technological fields. The PTSA is a proud supporter of our burgeoning robotics engineers.

This year’s team will participate in Amazon’s CoderZ challenge. The course is powered by CoderZ’s Online Robotics Learning Environment and allows students to control virtual (and real) Amazon robots. Good luck Bay Farm Robotics!

Math Olympiads

Calling all Mathletes! Get ready to compete in the Math Olympiads. The PTSA sponsors two teams of up to 35 students (Div. E & Div. M) and cheers as these teams explore mathematical concepts, develop flexibility in solving non-routine problems with multiple solution paths, and compete against teams from around the world!

Math Kangaroo

Are you a creative thinker? Do you like solving puzzles? Any student in grades 1st through 8th can experience the excitement of applying logic, teamwork, and creativity to solve math puzzles. Annually, Bay Farm brings the international Math Kangaroo Competition to our campus.

This year, Halloween will be a bit…different but the Bay Farm Community will keep it shiny! Gather your pod-friends and family to create and decorate a lantern for a Bay Farm Lantern Contest. A panel of judges will give awards based on 1) Artistic Aesthetics, 2) Ingenuitive Illumination and 3) Creative Construction..

Make sure that your lantern is outside your house on Halloween so that the whole community can see that Bay Farm is Letting our Light Shine!

Family STEAM Challenge: Race to the Finish Line

The year is almost done so let’s see who can get across the finish line first. Get together with your pod-friends and family to build a moving vehicle and see how fast it can travel 3 meters. Vehicles can not be larger than 30 centimetres in length and must travel the 3 meters under their own power (no pushing). Send your best time and a video of your vehicle moving in to win the race!

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