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COVID-19 Testing Information

In order to start in-person instruction on March 15 or March 18, your student will need to get a test. Frequency of testing will depend on public health conditions. Check the AUSD web site for the most current information and to schedule a test.

Where and When to Come and Go

Your child has an assigned entry gate and time, please review the Ingress and Egress document which shows start and dismissal times as well as locations where your child should line up / enter. If you are unsure of where your assigned gate is please see the map of the school. The gates are noted in red.

Reminders and Checklists

Handy reminders and checklists for your return to campus. Most importantly remember to do your COVID testing and Complete your daily health screening before arriving at school.

Family Guide to Hybrid Instruction

This AUSD handbook was designed to help you understand the new protocols that have been adopted to help students, staff, and families engage in in-person instruction as safely as possible. It is structured to let you know what to expect about your child’s school day (and, of course, that of parents/guardians) during hybrid instruction.

Walking School Bus

Getting to school can be a challenge even in a normal year. For anyone who would like to coordinate walking or biking to school with others, we have a Konstella group for families to communicate. Click the below link and then click the Join button for the Bike Trains / Walking School Buses / Carpools group. Reminder : If you are having another adult pick your child up from school make sure they are added to Aeries as an authorized pickup person.

If you don’t want to join the Konstella group, you can just request access to the Bike Train or Walking School Bus spreadsheet where people are coordinating. 

Safe Driving

Please drive safely in school zones during arrival and dismissal. We want to be sure our children and staff feel safe coming to school. The city has notified us that:

  • During the first week of school, as they have in past years, Police will do targeted enforcement for the most dangerous behaviors around schools.
  • Parking enforcement will be out to ticket people parking in the non-parking zones.

AUSD Coronavirus HUB

Central location for Alameda Unified School District’s information on Coronavirus

Welcome back to campus!

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