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Getting to and from school

We know how tough it is to get to school on time, but it’s more important to us that our students get to school safely. Please be considerate of everyone around you. 

We encourage all students to walk, bike, and scoot even on rainy days!

We have ample bike parking (see our school map on the FAQ page) and a lot of fantastic greenways for students to use to get to school safely. (Scooters, bikes, skates may not be ridden on campus for safety reasons). Plan your route using the Safe Route to School Map.

Why should my child walk or roll to school?

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  • It’s safer for ALL of our kids
    • Walking and rolling along safe routes help students avoid traffic dangers. In Bay Farm, we are lucky to have many greenways and car-free paths students can use, which reduces the likelihood of collisions.
  • It will help your student’s health
    • For each mile of walking, kids get ⅔ of the exercise they need each day, which reduces their risk of chronic diseases and obesity. Walking and rolling instead of driving also improves air quality, which can prevent asthma attacks.
  • It helps your student perform better academically
    • Student health has been linked to academic performance. Walking and rolling helps students arrive ready to learn since they will  have a chance to wake up and burn excess energy. 
  • Its better for the environment and helps reduce traffic congestion
    • No one likes sitting in traffic, so if you don’t have to drive, help those who do by keeping your car at home. Your neighbors and community will thank you!
  • It will give your child a sense of autonomy and responsibility
    • Your child will learn how to get ready with enough time to get to school and gain independence.

For Drivers

Both parking and traffic are challenging at Bay Farm School, so we encourage all families to minimize driving as their primary mode of transportation. We know it isn’t always possible to avoid, so if you do drive, please note the following:

  • The staff parking lot is for staff only. Do not enter the staff parking lot unless you have a visible disability placard or plate. 
  • The loop is for drop and go only. There is strictly no parking or idling allowed.  Pull forward as far as you can along the white curbs.
  • Parking
    • There is limited street parking on Aughinbaugh in front of the staff parking lot (southbound only).
    • We do not permit parking, stopping, or u-turning in the bike lanes around our school. Please always look before opening your door to see if there is a cyclist.
    • View the park and walk map below for neighborhood options.
    • As a reminder, legal parking:
      • Has no red curbs or NO PARKING signs. 
      • Is at least 20 ft from a crosswalk (per new daylighting law: AB 413)
    • When parking, be considerate:
      • Never block driveways or sidewalks
      • Park tightly so others have room.
      • Turn off your engine
  • Respect the crossing guards and the School Safety Team. Please stop when the STOP sign is raised.
  • DRIVE SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY. Student safety is the most important thing.

Bike Lane Safety Handout


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