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Disaster Preparedness @ Bay Farm School

Over the years, with the support of staff and parents alike, Bay Farms safety plan has evolved into a comprehensive and efficient plan that will ensure the best care for students, teachers, and staff should an emergency occur during the school day. Bay Farm School’s plan has been the model for many other schools in Alameda and is a source of pride for the Bay Farm Staff and the PTSA.

Comprehensive Plan

Our comprehensive plan covers all areas of emergency preparedness:

  • Bay Farm PTA has provided an extensive supply of Search and Rescue equipment as well as First Aid supplies and radios
  • Teachers and staff are trained and assigned to Emergency Teams such as Search and Rescue and First Aid and Student Supervision
  • Bay Farm PTA provides First Aid and CPR training for staff members on a regular basis
  • There is an efficient system of accounting for every child immediately following a disaster
  • An adequate supply of food and water is maintained at the school, enough to provide food and water for every student for 3 days
  • The school is able to provide the basic needs of the students and staff for 3 days, including emergency blankets, glow sticks and sanitation supplies
  • Drills are practiced on a regular basis to familiarize the students with emergency procedures
  • Drills are followed by debriefing sessions for the staff to evaluate and modify procedures
  • Drills use “real-life scenarios” with volunteer students and staff playing the role of injured victims
  • Every 2 years, a full-release drill is scheduled to give Bay Farm parents an opportunity to practice the procedures for a controlled student release
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