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Teacher and Staff Wish Lists

The wish lists document everyday classroom needs as well as items that can be used throughout the year. Please refer to these lists for everyday items that teachers may need replenished throughout the year (i.e. when you buy Kleenex for your home, buy an extra box for school or when you are at Office Max, pick up a box of colored pencils to support Bay Farm!) These lists also provide teachers’ favorites, so expressing our gratitude with gift giving at the end of the school year and during the holidays is made easier.

KindergartenJulie CarnwathAnne GeisWadhi Sultan
First GradeMike NettlesEmily RoscoeChristina Wilson
Second GradeDaniel BaseljAllyson GordonPat Lewis and Nicole Myovich
Third GradeAthena BreuerMichele KuttnerJean Liu
Fourth Grade Jim MillerMelodi Vincent Kim Chaney
Fifth Grade Shaun Mitsky Kim Chaney Laura O'Donnell
Sixth Grade Frankey Johnson Jenny Ku
Seventh GradeCaitlin KennyNicole Solis (7 & 8 Science)
Eighth Grade Matt GeeseyAlain Valois (7 & 8 Math)
Music and PE Bonnie Nelson Duffey (Music) Scott Slez (PE) Alex Breuer (PE)
Media Center and Garden Roxanne Clement (Media Center) Ashley Yu (Garden) Dennis Teo (Garden)
In-room Parprofessionals Margaret Gannon Nancy Belger Jimmy (James) Higuchi
StaffKatherine Crawford (Principal)Connie Li (Intervention Lead & Counselor)Linh Tran (SPED Teacher)
Ryan Andersen (Learning Center/Intervention)Lynn Tran (Learning Center/Intervention)Mia Calahan (Psychologist)
Jennifer Balaian (Instructional Coach)Nancy Archibald
(Office Manager)
Mimi Young (Office Assistant)
Debbie Golay (Health Clerk)Rich Mendez (Head Custodian)Pokati Leaana
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